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DoAuth is alpha software that comes with no warranty.

Deferred identity centralises the Web

Alice and Bob are identified by AOL and ICQ, they chat with their friends and family there.
Charlie knows them both and has to pick which service to register an account with. He likes ICQ more.
But he wants to stay connected with Alice, so he gives in and registers an AOL acount. It's not big deal.
Dora discovers a new cool technology, called "Skype". She uses it with her colleagues and logs on her AOL and ICQ accounts less and less.
To keep up with her, Charlie signs up with Skype and his AOL account phases out over time.
Alice feels more and more lonely on AOL...
...finally, she switches to Skype.
Charlie is offline for days, so Bob follows suite...
...A decade later, with mass exodous from centralised platforms like Facebook over concerns about security and overall ethics, many experience fragmentation from their social network. Many stay and feel like they're hostages of the megacorporations. The first step to fix this mess is putting identity into the hands of each individual. With as low entry as possible.

With DoAuth, you represent yourself

You make and manage your identity locally

Derive your own identity object from a password... we'll do the rest

Make it as strong as much you value your identity! We suggest using an open-source password manager like pass to generate secure passwords.

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